I really dont see how this girl got carpal tunnel from doing those texts. Its something that you get from many years of repetitive wrist motion. Its not something you get when you're 16. 4000 texts a month for a couple years is nowhere near enough to get you carpal tunnel, especially in the what, 3-4 years max shes… » 3/22/10 10:53pm 3/22/10 10:53pm

This is a pro model and they are charging for the ether net and DVI adapter, as well as the apple remote (which was supposed to come standard in all apple computers. Not to mention that the computer only has 1 USB port and they dont even offer a docking station for it. Apple has really lost their dignity when it… » 1/16/08 12:45am 1/16/08 12:45am

What is the cheapest monthly fee i'll have to pay if I wanted this phone with unlimited data + the option to at least make phone calls, even if I pay have to pay per minute. I don't care about e-mail. I cant really find any combined data + minutes plan like the iphone has and I want to keep it at or under $60/month. » 10/04/07 1:01am 10/04/07 1:01am